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Kurhula Wildlife Lodge

Dez 21 2017 Published by under Film


Another film project that we’ve been working on this summer – the corporate video for beautiful Kurhula Wildlife Lodge of Kim and Sander. They are lovely hosts and really help you to have an unforgettable stay in South Africa. And the lodge is situated within a Big 5 area in the Greater Kruger National Park, so you will surel see a lot of animals around, and it is very common to have some of them in the garden or on their way down to the Olifants river!

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Visit Toro Yaka Bush Lodge! (Short Version)

Jan 27 2017 Published by under Film

Toro Yaka Bush Lodge | Hoedspruit | South Africa | 3:36

That is a short version of an image video for Toro Yaka Bush Lodge. If you love animals and like to relax in a perfectly friendly atmosphere you must try this lodge – you will never forget it! Owners Nicole and Steve are the most caring hosts that we have ever met, and Steve knows more about african wildlife than you could ask for. After a relaxing massage or a sundowner down at the Olifants river and a dinner in the boma you feel like you are as close to heaven as you will ever get on earth!

If  You Have got Enough Time: Here is the Long Version.

Toro Yaka Bush Lodge | Hoedspruit | South Africa | 10:17

Here we go with the 10-minute edit. More to see in this one! And you wish you were there.

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve – Trip video

Okt 17 2014 Published by under Film,News

Central Kalahari | Botswana | Dry Season Trip

We had a very nice trip into central Botswana, we started in the Central Kalahari Game reserve and ended in Nxai Pan National Park. Be sure that we really enjoyed avery Minute! Music is from the danish band „WhoMadeWho“ – we found it makes a nice soundtrack.

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An Afternoon on Germany’s last Offshore Island

Mrz 26 2013 Published by under Film

NORTH SEA | windy, 8°C | 06/2010 |  54°10’55.47″N, 7°54’52.23″E

A pack of seals and grey seals resting on the beach of the dune of  “Helgoland“ in the North Sea. Usually they feed all the day, but they like to rewarm themselves in the sun just as well because the water is relatively cold all year-round. Some of the males use the recreation to have some territorial fights.

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A Short Showreel

Mrz 20 2013 Published by under Film,News

Mixed footage | recorded worldwide | adobe premiere pro

A collection of wildlife footage – just to keep you interested! But new films are already on their way.


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Another lodge-project: Masodini Game Lodge

Nov 22 2012 Published by under Film,News


To see more of the bush is what we hope on every trip, and the guests of this Lodge have a good chance to encounter many of the species that live in South Africa. And to be in the middle of a Big 5 game reserve guarantees for unexpected sightings all day, so have your cameras ready 24/7!


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Kubu Safari Lodge

Apr 18 2012 Published by under Film


Again we found a fantastic place to stay. We had a week full of experiences to get the footage for this video, and we had a great time togehter with Nicole and Manfred who have built this place over the last fifteen years. They have found their own paradise in the middle of the bush and do the best to give an awesome memory to every single guest!

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Relaxed Elephants in Kruger Park

Okt 17 2011 Published by under Film


We came across those two lonely elephant cows on a very remote road in northern Kruger Park – they were feeding in the shade of a huge tree and definetely felt undisturbed by our presence.

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Pride of Lions Relaxing after a Roaring Night

Jan 27 2011 Published by under Film

NAMIBIA | MUDUMU | 11/2009 | 18°10’28.57″S, 23°25’59.01″E

We found this pride of Lions in the morning after they have been roaring and hanging around our campsite all night long. They have been so close to our tents that we had to lit up the fire again! There were two adult males and three grown-up cubs in the pride but only one adult female – so maybe some other females were still hunting somewhere to feed the family.

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Joe Searching for Alien-like Birds in Northern Germany

Okt 29 2010 Published by under Film

Northern Germany | 07/2010 | 53°47’15.35″N, 10°47’3.78″E

The Nandu is a species that originally lives in the pampas in South America and is used to windy weather, but normally they don’t live further south than the 40th latitude. By chance a small population managed to escape from a farm in the year 2000 and started settling in the unforgiving nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern close to some big lakes. Until now the population grew up to more than 40 adults, and in 2009 there were also 50 chicks. In the hard winter 2009/2010 all the offspring died, but in this year there are many new chicks waiting for the next winter to come …

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Thirsty Elefants in Dusty Zimbabwe

Okt 01 2010 Published by under Film

ZIMBABWE | HWANGE  National | sunny, 31 °C | 18°43’50.2314″S, 26°16’51.1638″E | SD

At the end of the dry season water is getting low all over Southern Africa, and the big herds of elephants in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park need to come to the artificial water holes that are spread all over the park. The pumps are maintained by the help of the park rangers that stayed in the park during the last critical years, even if their work was voluntary from time to time.

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“Lambo Expeditionen”-Safari

Okt 01 2010 Published by under Film


“Lambo Expeditionen” offers incomparable Landrover safari adventures all over Southern Africa – this one is a short example of a 3-country roundtrip with all the things you need for a lifetime memory! Including lions near your tent, elephants as close as you can imagine, starry nights, campfires and the best bush-food ever. Try it!

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Large Familiy of Painted Dogs Lounging at the End of the Day

Sep 30 2010 Published by under Film

BOTSWANA | CHOBE NATIONAL PARK | 09/2009 | 17°50’15.89″S, 24°53’19.84″E

A large family of wild dogs lying on a dust road in Chobe NP close to Ihaha Camp at the end of the day. Painted Dogs live in big familiys that care for each other  even if one dog is injured, and they are by far the most effective hunters – nearly 90 percent of their chases are successful, and they achieve this by a perfect choreography during the hunt. The young dogs are learning to hunt by bothering each other whenever there is a chance.

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