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Zimbabwe – Mana Pools ist great!

Aug 27 2014 Published by under News,Photo

Zimbabwe | Zambesi Riverfront |  15°43.288′S 29°22.893′E

Mana Pools is something special, or can you imagine any other National Park where you are allowed to walk away from your vehicle wherever you want? But careful – none of the animals around here are tame, so it really is DANGEROUS!

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Colourful Trip to Kenia – Exploring for more

Apr 21 2011 Published by under News,Photo

Kenia | 33 °C | Beginning Rains | 2°42’50.84″S, 38°46’28.96″E

We just returned from a 10-days trip to Kenia where we had some very nice dives at the coast and were lucky to see Tsavo National Park before the big Rains – amazing clouds and colours! And we saw some nice lodges that are really worth filming. So maybe in 2012 we will have the opportunity to do some work there?

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wildcast and The Big Five

Nov 04 2010 Published by under Photo

Kruger Park | 38 °C | Shadeless |  24°16’3.70″S, 31°35’1.93″E

That was a lovely day – we got up at 4.00, left Toroyaka Lodge at 4.30, went straight into the Orpen Gate of Kruger Park and spent 13 hours looking for unbelievable animal sightings. And sure it was worth it! Not only the so-called “Big 5″ but hundreds of other animals crossed our way and gave us the chance to get some extra footage.                      

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Perfect Conditions For the Next Great Project

Okt 30 2010 Published by under Photo

Balule Nature Reserve | Nearly Summer |  24°12’2.47″S, 30°53’16.52″E

At the beginning of the South African summer we are in the Balule Nature Reserve, a big part of the Greater Kruger Park, facing weather conditions from perfect to impossible while taking video footage and photos for a DVD on Toroyaka Bush Lodge. Fortunately there are many smaller and bigger creatures around the beautiful Olifants River that seem to be waiting for us to spot them during our game drives!                                             

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Air Combat and Nasty Tricks

Okt 12 2010 Published by under Photo

Downtown Hamburg | smart weather | 2010 |  53°33’44.13″N, 9°58’48.89″E

In the middle of Northern Germany’s capital Hamburg there is a daily, tough fight between seagulls, crows and other birds! All those flying creatures use all their cleverness and strengh to gather as much of human food as possible.                                              

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Not Only Seals but Seagulls

Okt 01 2010 Published by under Photo

NORTH SEA | windy, 8°C | 06/2010 |  54°10’55.47″N, 7°54’52.23″E

While we were out on the island of Helgoland and filming the seals we nearly forgot to give the birds their deserved respect – so here are some pictures. And next time we plan the trip with a focus in the sky!

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Some of the Rest – There is More Than the Big Five!

Okt 01 2010 Published by under Photo

Namibia/Botswana | 35 °C, sunny | mostly unshaded |

On this trip focused on filming some of the Big Five in Botswana and Namibia we’ve also found some other interesting animals – from friendly spiders to climbing frogs and yawning hippos. And over all of them were many different sorts of birds waiting for their chance to capture something to eat – even if it was their last.

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