Joe Searching for Alien-like Birds in Northern Germany

Okt 29 2010

Northern Germany | 07/2010 | 53°47’15.35″N, 10°47’3.78″E

The Nandu is a species that originally lives in the pampas in South America and is used to windy weather, but normally they don’t live further south than the 40th latitude. By chance a small population managed to escape from a farm in the year 2000 and started settling in the unforgiving nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern close to some big lakes. Until now the population grew up to more than 40 adults, and in 2009 there were also 50 chicks. In the hard winter 2009/2010 all the offspring died, but in this year there are many new chicks waiting for the next winter to come …

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